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Plant Based Puppy Essential Box

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A monthly box of nutritious treats, supplements and dental chews to keep your puppy healthy and active as during the period of rapid growth!

No common canine allergens (corn, wheat or soy)
• No animal proteins
• No artificial color or preservatives
• Natural active ingredients
• 100% human grade Ingredients

Fresh Breath Dental Chews x 1

These vegan Fresh Breath Dental Chews are soft and gentle for older, smaller, and sensitive mouths. Natural zeolites and enzymes help clean the teeth, while green tea extract and organic kelp help to prevent plaque and tartar buildup. Parsley and cinnamon leave their breath smelling fresh and clean. 

Net weight: 250g

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Gastrointestinal Support Chewable Supplement x 1

VIVUS' Gastrointestinal Support Chewable Supplement is entirely plant-based and contains none of the most common canine allergens, making it appropriate as an anti-inflammatory and immune boosting supplement for some dogs with sensitive stomachs. Plant-based EPA and DHA from algae oil and turmeric were used for their beneficial systemic anti-inflammatory effects, especially within the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Prebiotics,  probiotics and co-enzyme Q10 were used to balance healthy flora. 

Net weight: 100g

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Calming Support Chewable Supplement x 1

VIVUS’ Calming Support Chewable Supplement contains extracts from ashwagandha, chamomile, and valerian root that support calmness during stressful events such as travelling, aid and maintain relaxation and calm behavior and promote mental focus for better performance at training.

Net weight: 150g

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Farm Fresh Veggie Bites x 1

Protein-rich navy beans and pumpkin seeds are paired with oats for a treat that is gentle on the sensitive stomachs and full of immune-boosting beta-glucans and prebiotic fiber. Carrots and red peppers bring along beta-carotene and natural antioxidant phytochemicals. Algae oil bring complimentary omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids for anti-inflammatory, skin and coat health. These gentle, gluten-free treats are a tasty way to reward even the most sensitive of dogs.

Net weight: 100g

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Natural Dog Treats, Supplement and Dental Chews
Dog treats made in Canada
Supplements made in USA

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

So far so good. My dog's poops are firmer and she has less gastro distress.

Heather parker
Great Supplement

My dog is allergic to all animal protein so it's great to finally find a vegan supplement that she likes!!!

Oscar Tu
Just the right fit for my Shiba

We tried the GI Health Supplement and Calming Supplement with my senior shiba inu. These are soft tablets and easy to chew. So my dog can easily take the supplements every day. My dog also seems to be a big fan of their the plant based chicken flavoured chews. My dog's poop look better when taking the GI supplements. Recommended.