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White dog eating vegetables from a food bowl

Why Feed Your Dog a Plant-based Diet?

Why Feed Your Dog a Plant-based Diet?

What’s the deal with plant-based foods, and why would I feed my dog a plant-based diet? There are many reasons more and more pet parents are turning to plant-based diets to provide complete and balanced nutrition for their dog. Currently, somewhere around 10% of dogs worldwide are offered plant-based food at least as a component of their daily diet, and this number is growing daily.   


Less harm to other animals 

One of the main reasons for feeding a plant-based diet to our pets is to reduce harm to other animals. Concern for the rights and welfare of farmed animals was the number one reason listed by feeders of plant-based diets for making the shift to an animal-free food for their pet. By switching to a plant-based diet, pet parents can feel comfortable with the knowledge that they are not contributing to industrial animal agriculture.


Environmental sustainability

Another compelling reason to make the plant-based shift is for environmental sustainability. Animal agriculture is one of the driving factors of our current climate crisis, and it has been estimated that in the USA alone, dogs and cats constitute about a third of the environmental impact of animal production of the entire country. A plant-based diet, in comparison, has a far lower environmental footprint and can help reduce our impact on the world around us.


Healthy diet option for dogs

Lastly, some pet parents choose a plant-based diet for their pet because it is the healthiest option for them. There are multiple health conditions that respond favourably to an exclusively plant-based diet. Some dogs with allergies, gastrointestinal disease and even liver conditions can improve their health when fed a plant-based diet. Complete and balanced plant-based diets meet all the same nutritional recommendations as meat-containing ones, yet they are also rich in beneficial antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatories, gut-healthy fiber and immune-boosting compounds. A plant-based diet can be a great option to maintain or even improve health for many dogs.


There are so many great reasons to share a plant-based diet with our canine companions. What are your thoughts, are you already feeding a plant-based diet? Will you make the switch? Let us know!