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Gastrointestinal Support Chewable Supplement (150g Big Pack) 3-Pack Bundle

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Elevate your pet's digestive health with our Gastrointestinal Support Chewable Supplement 3-Pack Value Bundle and enjoy a free bonus of Farm Fresh Veggie Bites!

VIVUS’ Gastrointestinal Support Chewable Supplement are good for dogs of any age, especially those with a sensitive system. Plant-powered pre-biotic dietary fiber, EPA and DHA omega 3 fatty acids, probiotics and coenzyme Q10 are combined for comprehensive, ultimate digestive health support.

* Limited Offering: 150 gram (~75 chews) 3 big packs with a 25% OFF discount applied (Product expiration: July 2024)



• Prebiotics and probiotics aid digestion
• Enzyme co-Q10 for antioxidant support of gut health
• Omega 3 EPA + DHA anti-inflammatory effect
• No common canine allergens (animal proteins)
• No corn, wheat or soy

• No artificial colour, flavours or preservatives
• Gluten-free formulation
• 100% human grade ingredients

Potential Indications (dog dependent):

Based on the active ingredients, this supplement may be recommended for dogs with the following conditions or requirements:

• Healthy dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes
• Inflammatory skin disorders
• Cardiovascular disorders
• Kidney disease
• Osteoarthritis
• Inflammatory bowel disease
• Dysbiosis
• Cancer
• Senility or canine cognitive dysfunction
• Competitive working and sporting dogs

Net weight:

Gastrointestinal Support Chewable Supplement: 150g (~75 chews) x 3 bags
Farm Fresh Veggie Bites: 150g x 1 bag

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Head over to Dr. Dodd's Corner to learn more about our plant based goodness.

Inactive ingredients (alphabetical order):
Brewer's yeast, citric acid (natural preservative), coconut glycerin, coconut oil, natural plant-based flavours, rosemary extract, sunflower lecithin, sunflower oil, sweet potatoes, water.

Active ingredients per chew (2g):
Inulin: 80mg
Algae oil: 75mg
Turmeric: 50mg
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid): 30mg
Coenzyme Q10: 10mg
Black pepper: 5mg
Biotin: 0.02mg
Bacillus coagulans: 1 billion CFUs

Calculated analysis:
Energy: 2 kcal/chew
Crude protein (min): 13%
Crude fat (min): 11%
Crude fiber (max): 10% 

Feeding suggestion (chews per day):
Extra small (<5 kg): 1
Small (5-10 kg): 2
Medium (10-20 kg): 3
Large (20-40 kg): 4
Giant (>40 kg): 5

*It is recommended that no more than 10% of daily energy intake comes from treats, snacks and supplements.

What makes our Gastrointestinal Support Supplement so good?

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

So far so good. My dog's poops are firmer and she has less gastro distress.

Heather parker
Great Supplement

My dog is allergic to all animal protein so it's great to finally find a vegan supplement that she likes!!!

Oscar Tu
Just the right fit for my Shiba

We tried the GI Health Supplement and Calming Supplement with my senior shiba inu. These are soft tablets and easy to chew. So my dog can easily take the supplements every day. My dog also seems to be a big fan of their the plant based chicken flavoured chews. My dog's poop look better when taking the GI supplements. Recommended.