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Perfectly Nutritious, Utterly Delicious

Discover the best dog food for allergies! Our hypoallergenic dog food aids in relieving allergy symptoms in dogs. Rich in essential nutrients, our plant-based dog treats and supplements ensure optimal dog nutrition. Endorsed by board-certified veterinary nutritionists, we are committed to ethical pet care with our hypoallergenic foods for dogs.

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Sample our vet-recommended
hypoallergenic dog food, healthy dog treats, and supplements, designed for digestive care and rich in high-fiber, human-grade ingredients for your dog's wellness!

Vivus Pets healthy treats.

Healthy Dog Treats

Treat your pup to our best
hypoallergenic, high-protein dog food and treats with antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids for dogs for digestive and overall health.

Vivus Pets functional supplements.

Dog Supplements

Explore our nutritional and functional soft chews for digestive health, joint care, and calming support, made with
human-grade, ethical, and hypoallergenic ingredients.

Vivus Pets dental chews.

Dog Dental Chews

Discover vet-recommended, hypoallergenic dental chews formulated to prevent bad breath in dogs and tartar on dog’s teeth, suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs and mouths.

Healthy Dogs. Happy Humans.

They are driven to formulate wholesome healthy diets that are nutrition-rich and palatable.

Dr. Radica Raj, Director/Chief Veterinarian

Many of my clients’ dogs are allergic to animal proteins are so relieved that I can offer them tasty, healthy alternatives!

Dr. Jyoti Singh, PhD & Science Based Pet Behaviourist

Trix once again has the energy of a teenager and her coat is healthier and more beautiful then it’s ever been.

Janet Darby, Happy Customer

Love their products, and that they're plant based! Such a unique spin to dog treats already on the market. And the ingredient list is super healthy!

Kara W., Happy Customer

Tried their joint and digestive support supplement with my 8 years old dog and he absolutely loves it! The soft, chewy supplement is very easy to chew. We also tried the bacon flavoured, yet 100% vegan, treats. They smell like real bacon!

Oscar Tu, Happy Customer

“ I can fully endorse Vivus Pets' products for their safety and high-quality ingredients, from beginning to end. ”

Discover the premium plant-based dog food and supplements formulated by Dr. Sarah Dodd, a renowned veterinary nutritionist, enhancing the wellness of countless animals with allergies and health challenges.

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