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So far so good. My dog's poops are firmer and she has less gastro distress.

Our dog has severe allergies, so it can be tough to find supplements and treats. Not only does he love the taste, but the Joint chews are really helping!

My dogs were not impressed

I really like the calm one

Very Helpful

My 8-year-old Akita has arthritis and needs supplements. Most on the market have so much junk in them! I finally found these ones and he absolutely loves them (our other dog loves them, too!). They have helped his achy joints, and he can function a lot better now.

Doing stairs like a champ!!

After about 30 days I noticed my near 16 year old Yorkie-poo Maggie was less stiff in the mornings and seem to be more agile on the stairs. She just has a spring in her step now on walks. Maggie has a rare protein disease & has diabetes so finding a vegetarian low carb supplement I thought was impossible, I feel so lucky I have found these joint supplements.

Great for pets with allergies

My old man is allergic to the usual shellfish-sourced glucosamine, but being a senior with hip dysplasia he really needed a supplement (along with his prescription anti-inflammatory). I’ve looked for 3 years for something that he isn’t allergic to, and the Vivus supplements are the first and only ones I’ve found that actually help without any allergy side-effects. So glad I found these!

Fresh Breath Dental Chew
Isabelle Beaudoin
Smell so good!

Those smell so good I am almost tented to try them myself!! My dog love them and they are not too hard to chew for a 12yo pup

He love it, and no allergic reaction

My dog love those, and bonus it helps inflammation caused by his artritis!

My dog has a ton of food and outdoor allergies. So trying to find a joint treat sash supplement he can actually take is very difficult. The fact that these are vegan makes it one of the few products I found that he can actually take safely again. My dog is pretty large, he’s about 120 pounds of yellow lab lol. So it would be nice. Also if it’s some point maybe they could make larger size treats. He needs to take five of the smaller ones but he’s never been a fan of taking small treats if they made them in categories where I could just give him one large one it would be more beneficial. But again quality product excellent customer service and highly recommend.

Love the product. So does my dog. And compared to a lot of the other dental treats/bones out there these really do freshen breath. Only suggestion I would have is if they would make them in a little bit bigger or more sturdy treat. A lot of my sticks arrived in smaller pieces and with 120 pound yellow lab. It be nice to give him something more substantial than three or four smaller pieces. Perhaps they could work on forming them into bone sizes, but overall highly recommend.

So happy to have found these plant based supplements

My 8 and 13 year old ladies love it. They are getting older and I want to give them the best quality of life possible. I'm so happy to be able to provide that for them with these wonderful supplements and keep their joints healthy for playing and running.

Great Dental Chews

My puppies love the flavor, and for the first time they do not have any tummy issues. These are great healthy dental chew.

Grace loves these treat supplements!

My poodle mix, Grace Kelly, loves these treats! She is a rescue dog estimated to be one or two years old and has luxating patellas, so I wanted to start her on good nutrition and supplementation to hopefully prevent bilateral surgery down the road. These treats are not only functional, but they are tasty, too, given Grace's excitement when I bring out the bag every morning and evening. I also like that they are low in calories, since it's so important to choose the right treats for weight management. A lot of other glucosamine supplements don't include a meaningful amount of the more expensive chondroitin ingredient, which is essential in an effective joint formula. These do and also are plant-based, which is a nice bonus since I am a whole-food vegan. I'm so happy to have found this pet brand and will be a regular customer!

My vegan dogs

My vegan dogs like these! All the different ones - they ask for more. This is giving us a chance to try many and find favorites.

Great way to sneak in some medicine

My canine friends are middle aged now and I've noticed they pause before jumping down from the bed. After I freaked out about their transience, I researched what's available for joint support. Several websites (and 1 ramp purchase) later, I stumbled upon these vegan chews. They have chondroitin, Omega-3s, and glucosamine, which are the active and studied ingredients in popular joint supplements. And these are vegan! That sold me and the taste has sold my furred friends. I'll continue buying these for the forseeable future (hopefully forever).

Great Supplement

My dog is allergic to all animal protein so it's great to finally find a vegan supplement that she likes!!!


My dog is picky but this works for him! Little heart shaped chewy supplements are easy to chew.

Fresh Breath Dental Chew
Nelson and Stanley
The 🐶🐶 LOVE these!

Theses are amazing.. my 🐶🐶 love them!

Best Treats!

My dogs LOVE all of the treats. They did not turn a single one down. My Australian Shepard mix is sometimes picky. But she hasn't been with any of their treats or products.

SAMPLE - Herb Roasted Chick'n Bites
Best Treats!

My dogs LOVE all of the treats. They did not turn a single one down. My Australian Shepard mix is sometimes picky. But she hasn't been with any of their treats or products.

Joint Problem Prevention

Our dogs are getting older and we’re trying to give them the best chance at a good life in old age. It’s always hard to tell if something is working when it’s done for prevention, but our furkids are part of the family and we’ll do anything that could give them the best chance at good health.
Also, we had a small problem with the order, and the customer service was amazing.

Smokey Maple Bacun Bites
Petra von Rummelhoff

Only the best for my Vizsla-Girll 👌 VIVUS TREATS!!!

Fresh Breath Dental Chew
Petra von Rummelhoff

My Vizsla girl loves all your treats!!!
We are very satisfied with your amazing healthy product 👌
Warmest Tegards,
Petra & Luna

Cinnamon Parsley Dental Chew - Fresh Breath Chew for Oral Hygiene