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100% Vegan
By certified
veterinary nutritionist
Allergen free
& cruelty free

We don’t just think about the present ecosystem, we want to give-forward to the future of the planet

Trees clean our air and water, create habitats for biodiversity, contribute to our health and wellbeing, and create jobs for social impact. We’re honored to have reforestation through One Tree Planted as an integral part of our business model.

Sustainability through what we feed - amazing nutrition while helping the planet

Our dietary choices are known to have a direct impact on our ‘footprint’ – the impact that each of us as an individual make on the environment sustaining us. Diets including animal-derived products have been demonstrated to have a higher environmental impact than plant-based diets, due to the energy and resource consumption, as well as pollution generation, of animal agriculture.

 In the USA, pets on animal based diets consume one third of all animal meat and byproducts!  This is equivalent to up to one third of the environmental impacts, including land use, water use, consumption of fossil fuel and environmental pollution! 

It doesn’t need to be this way.

 By meeting all of our pets’ nutritional requirements using a plant-based diet we can drastically reduce this negative impact. We can provide healthy, wholesome nutrition without animal-derived ingredients and promote the health not only of our pets but of the whole planet.

Sustainable ingredients with Glory Juice Co.

Glory Juice Co. sources and purchases the highest quality fruits and vegetables to create tasty and healthy beverages for their ‘people’ customers, we in turn help the sustainability circle by utilising the nutrient filled pulp they produce in our manufacturing! Nothing goes to waste, nothing goes to the landfill!

Glory Juice was created by a group of friends passionate about their health and committed to making organic, fresh, and delicious juices, nut and seed mylks, ready-to-blend smoothies, health shots and other good stuff! Everything we create is 100% organic and sourced from the best suppliers we can find.

We innovate, research and formulate science-
based vegan nutritious pet food.