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Clean Teeth, Fresh Breath: Best vet-recommended dental sticks for dogs
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Discover VIVUS' vet-recommended dog supplements, perfect for sensitive stomachs and allergy care. All are made in USA and complied with NASC GMPs.

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Fresh Breath Support

Specially vet-formulated dog dental chews with parsley and cinnamon for promoting a healthy oral ecosystem and freshening breath in dogs.

Prevent Plaque & Tartar

Best dental chews for dogs with green tea extract, natural zeolites, and enzymes ensure clean teeth and healthy gums.

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Gentle for Sensitive Mouths

Soft and gentle texture and hypoallergenic ingredients provide a comfortable chewing experience without compromising effectiveness.

Vegan Dog Dental Chews

VIVUS' plant-based, vet-recommended dental treats for dogs are perfect for freshening breath and cleaning teeth. They are soft and gentle for smaller, older and sensitive mouths. Natural zeolites and enzymes help clean the teeth, while green tea extract and organic kelp help to prevent plaque and tartar buildup. Active ingredients such as parsley and cinnamon leave their breath smelling fresh and clean.
Vivus Pets Fresh Breath Dental Chews
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8 reviews
Soft dental chews texture

Fresh Breath Dental Chews

Love your pet with VIVUS' best dental chews for dogs, designed for optimal dental care and fresh breath. Our soft, vet-recommended dog dental sticks effectively prevent tartar and plaque, ensuring healthy gums and teeth cleaning for dogs with sensitivity. Enjoy the natural benefits of green tea, cinnamon and kelp in every gentle chew.

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