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Calming Support Supplement - Anxiety & Stress Relief


All Natural Dog Calming & Training Chews

VIVUS’ all-natural chews are delicious training treats for dogs of all ages, especially exuberant growing puppies! These plant based chewy supplements provide gentle calming of boisterous or anxious dogs. Extracts from Magnolia officinalis and Phellodendron amurense plants help to alleviate stress, anxiety and nervousness, and reduce fear-related behaviours. The ingredients of the chews are consciously selected, including tasty sweet potato, coconut oil and antioxidants.

VIVUS' Calming Support Supplement is entirely plant-based and contains none of the most common canine allergens, making it appropriate as calming supplement for some dogs with allergic dermatologic or gastrointestinal disease. The active ingredients are natural and botanical, providing gentle support without the risk of adverse side effects.



• Unique plant-based ingredients

• No common canine allergens (animal proteins, corn, wheat, soy)

• All natural and herbal active ingredients

• 100% human grade Ingredients

• Tasty all natural plant-based "chick'n" flavour

• Gluten-free


• Minimizes potential for an adverse food reaction by excluding common allergens and using plant-based protein sources

• Contains ingredients demonstrated to alleviate physiological signs of stress, anxiety and nervousness, reduce fear-related behaviours, and promote relaxation and calmness

Potential Indications (patient dependent):

Based on the active ingredients, this supplement may be recommended for dogs with the following conditions or requirements:

• Exuberant, high energy puppies

• Competitive, sporting and working dogs

• Separation anxiety

• Reactivity

• Noise phobia

Net weight:


All Natural Dog Supplement
Formulated in Canada, made in USA

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Inactive ingredients: Citric acid (natural preservative), coconut oil, natural flavor, vegetable glycerin, rosemary extract, sweet potato, sunflower lecithin, water

Active ingredients per chew (2g):
Magnolia officinalis bark extract: 75mg
Phellodendron amurense bark extract: 75mg
Ashwagandha: 50mg
Chamomile: 30mg
Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid): 25mg
L-theanine: 15mg
L-tryptophan: 10mg
Valerian: 10mg
Calcium: 3mg
Phosphorus: 2mg

Guaranteed analysis:
Energy: 2 kcal/treat

Dog size feeding suggestion (chews per day):

Extra small (<5 kg): 1/2 - 1
Small (5-10 kg): 1-3
Medium (10-20 kg): 2-4
Large (20-40 kg): 3-5
Giant (>40 kg): 4-6
*It is recommended that no more than 10% of daily energy intake comes from treats, snacks and supplements.

What makes our Calming Support Supplement so good?

Customer Reviews

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Helps with the barking

We tried the GI Health Supplement and Calming Supplement with my senior shiba inu. These are soft tablets and easy to chew. So my dog can easily take the supplements every day. My dog is very sensitive and barks when people walk pass our door. This supplement is just perfect for him.